KAVC Sponsorship program



Our child sponsorship ambassadors Karen, Carol and Deigh. Karen coordinates sponsors for high school children while Carol coordinates sponsors for nursery and primary school children. Deigh is a volunteer coordinator for sponsors in Australia.

At KAVC Foundation, we provide full sponsorship for vulnerable children to Dattend school and provide them two meals a day. We go on to support them with many other personal gifts which are optional for sponsors such as beds, mattresses, clothes, shoes etc. Our sponsored children can either be day or boarding students depending on their individual needs. Currently, we are sponsoring 220 children both in nursery, primary and secondary levels, as well a few students in tertiary institutions. Most of our sponsored children study from our KAVC Schools located in Wakiso District. A few others attend partner schools all over the country but mainly within Kabale District.

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Sponsors for our children in the nursery and primary school are predominantly coordinated by our KAVC International Ambassador, Donna Wheeler, based in Canada under our KAVC Children Uganda Facebook group.

People interested in becoming a sponsor can request to join this group where children in need of sponsorship can be found and where daily child updates are posted. All other information needed by sponsors can easily be attained through this Facebook group. We try to answer sponsors’ questions as quickly as possible under this group page.

Sponsors in the secondary school are coordinated by our KAVC International Ambassador, Dalane Oakes, based in Australia. People interested in learning more about sponsorship can join the KAVC Youth Uganda page

This page shares general updates on sponsorship and fundraising. Once you become a sponsor you will be invited to join the more private sponsorship group.
Generally, sponsors are updated once every school term about their sponsored children or as need may arise. We send photo updates and any other issues regarding the status of the child. Sponsorship funds for children can be paid on a monthly, quarterly, bi annual or annual basis depending on the choice of the sponsor.

Sponsors and other interested parties can also access our regular sponsorship updates and information on our Facebook public pages below

1. KAVC CHILDREN UGANDA for Nursery and Primary section
2. KAVC YOUTH UGANDA for secondary section
KAVC Foundation Nursery and Primary School, Masulita