While coming to KAVC Foundation for her research project mid 2017, Dalane Oakes never knew she would soon become our KAVC International Ambassador in Australia and mainly for KAVC Vocational and Secondary School(KVSS). While at KAVC, Dalane taught Literature and English in our school for a full school term. She was able to see by herself the challenges that the school, students and teachers were experiencing. She found when KVSS had just been opened and been in operation for only 5 months. KAVC Foundation which supports vulnerable children and youth to access free and quality education had just opened KVSS without any funding. Generally the Government had attempted to close it due to lack of all school requirements but failed because it is a charity and the only secondary school within 5 villages. In her own words, Dalane asked questions like “How do you teach computer lessons without any computer?, How do you teach sciences and talk of microscopes and the like without any?, how do you operate a school without land/space?” Besides this, she was greatly touched by the fact that some students were spending a day without eating any food, others had no enough books and pens to use. She also got so much concerned about students studying without school uniforms because their parents could not afford them. One day when school fees paying students were sent home for none payment, Dalane couldn’t believe it. She realized how poverty was denying children their right to education.

It was from here that Dalane who had come to do her research, decided to dedicate her time on return to Australia, to work and rise funds to support KVSS. She happily accepted the KAVC Ambassador role and quickly mobilized sponsors and a team to work with. Since then, Dalane with her team and sponsors, have procured a land to build KVSS,mobilized money to build 2 class rooms, bought computers to support computer lessons, offered land for agriculture lessons, donated student’s files, donated school uniforms for students etc. Above all, she is mobilizing sponsors for all our students and so far 5 of them have been fully sponsored. For more information on this KVSS project and to see how you can join this great team, click on this link https://web.facebook.com/KAVC-Youth-Uganda-751458428394868/

She holds our future, she is about to arrive again. Thank you Newfoundland, thank you Canada.

The only Momma D who holds the future of KAVC Kids Uganda will be arriving again soonest. Everyone is very excited and having sleepless nights. Children, teachers, parents, guardians among other community members mention her name every minute that passes. God brought her to us as a gift, a facilitator and a blessing. Through her, our vulnerable children at KAVC Foundation are being sponsored for quality education and two meals a day. So far, 40 children have secured sponsors and her target is 100 sponsored children by end of 2017. While she concentrates on child sponsorship, she has gone a head to do more in our community. Her joining us as our Canadian ambassador has made us feel like we are fresh in the world. Momma D and her friends in Canada have made us to see the goodness of God and every day they make us feel the presence of God. Our faith in God has been renewed because Momma D came to us through our endless prayers. Everyone kindly join us to thank God and to pray such that she arrives again safely in our project area and to have the best and most excellent experience that will stick in her mind. We thank you all Canadians who are working with Momma D to help us live with our vision and mission. And to any other people who are supporting and praying for us, we thank you all. God bless you.


We prayed since 2008 when we set our vision for children and God answered us in July 2017 when he brought Donna pictured below. Donna was the first white person ever to visit our project at KAVC Foundation. Special thanks to Pastor Sam Akol whose link and sincere heart enabled this to happen. KAVC Foundation was established in 2008 to provide free quality education to vulnerable children and to economically empower marginalized people especially women and people with disabilities among others. The founders of the organisation worked and prayed endlessly to achieve this dream. With the coming of Donna last year in July, our dream was quickly kicked into practice. Since then, Donna has donated several bags of clothes to the children we serve, roofed and painted two homes in our community, donated several beds and bedding to children,  donated several pairs of shoes, donated several plates and pots to school, donated a bicycle and sponsors a secondary school child and above all she has set a project to sponsor 100 kids for school fees and two meals per day at KAVC Foundation Nursery and primary school. Donna will be returning to visit us soon and she has a lot in mind to do with us. Donna has kicked our long waited dream into practice and every one at KAVC has a smile on the face especially our children. Long live Donna and your partners in this cause. We thank God.