With support from Dalane Oakes from Canberra Australia, Uganda Water Project and World Harvest Missions, the water crisis at KAVC school and the neighborhood has been eliminated completely. World Harvest Mission constructed for us a bore hole and Uganda Water Project installed a 10000 ltr tank for us. Dalane Oakes who has previously made several individual donations to us will be coming from Australia on June 1, 2017 to help us consolidate this project benefits. She will be evaluating the project and at the same time extending the water benefits to school children and entire community. She is helping our children to promote good sanitation and hygiene practices. She has also supported the utilization of this project to promote school vegetable gardens and poultry farming. With further support from our friends in Newfoundland, the poultry project is expected to grow and extend its benefits to all the children in our program/school. 

 Cartoon photo designed by Andrew Hore, FunnyWorks Oz