In addition to sponsoring children for education, KAVC Foundation is also committed to empowering women economically. There are many marginalized women in our area of operation and elsewhere who are oppressed daily. In Africa, women and the girl child are always considered second to men and boys in all circles of life. This is due to the African culture that puts men on top of everything. Women’s rights are grossly undermined especially in communities where people live below the poverty line. Unfortunately women are the ones who do all the household activities. They dominate rural agriculture yet they have low control over agricultural produce. African Women and girls face all sorts of injustices in the society.

At KAVC Foundation, we are committed in contributing to change this situation. This is why we organised KAVC Women into a group and support them to become economically strong. We support them to undertake income generating activities especially poultry and piggery farming which enable them to meet all their domestic needs. When they get money, they can challenge all the injustices that they face daily. We also build their capacities by training them in issues that concern their daily lives especially human rights, business, partnerships and group formation, and child protection etc


We would like to thank Opportunity 2do Canberra and Australian alumni small grants, who have contributed heavily towards this goal. Opportunity 2do Canberra funded a piggery project in 2014 which has since excelled. Australia is currently supporting our women in agribusiness and marketing of their poultry and piggery products.

For more information, and following what we do in this agribusiness project, you can go to KAVC Agribusiness Project Facebook page.


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